Nutmeg Apple Cider Doughnuts

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It’s Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend — which, in my strange wonderland, means it’s time to choose weekend cooking projects. I’ve got my eye on this lovely, meringue-topped walnut cake from Food52, and possibly homemade bagels. I’m also contemplating steeping bourbon with some apple peels, a cinnamon stick, and some star anise, for when I’m allowed to drink the stuff again.

But I’ve got a different weekend cooking project in mind for you, if you’re still shopping. In fact, it’d go very, very well alongside that bourbon I’m going to make. Or just some apple cider. Or some cold milk.  ‘Tis the season for apple cider doughnuts: They were my project last weekend and this weekend, they’re all yours.

When I got a hankering for these guys last week, I went searching around for a yeast doughnut recipe, because everyone knows yeast-risen doughnuts are superior to their cake counterparts. Turns out – and here’s proof of my goldfish cracker-sized memory - I made yeasted nutmeg doughnuts last year. They were delicious. (Make them!) But they take much more time to make, and I was nervous that between reducing the cider (key to getting a concentrated flavor) and all the rising, the doughnuts wouldn’t be ready to bring to my friends Sunday afternoon, and that’s what good friends do.


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I have a (very cynical) theory that for every 10 vegetarian soup recipes out there, 9 of them had authors who sneaked in some chicken stock when no one was looking. I often read these recipes incredulously: you’re telling me your meatless soup is deep and complex, and yet it contains no miso, no tomato paste, no porcini mushrooms, no smoked anchovies - no umami whatsoever. Heck, it doesn’t even have much in the way of spices. This all seems mostly impossible.

But as I’m not coming to find, there are magical exceptions to this rule. There are owners of a certain restaurant in Brooklyn by the name of Franny’s, which I have love-love-loved for a very long time, who make pretty much everything turn to gold. They are experts at pasta and pizza; masters of crostini and of fritti, those fried bites that start a meal. Well, no surprise: it turns out, they’re pros at soup, too.

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